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Experienced Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Clients Find Debt Relief

Seasoned Miami lawyer can guide you to a fresh start

When you’re struggling with overwhelming debt, it’s natural to feel frustrated and uncertain where to turn. At the Montalvo Law Offices, I have been helping clients who are filing for bankruptcy, looking for modifications to their current loans or being sued by their credit card company due to unpaid bills. No matter what you’re facing, I have 40 years of experience helping individuals just like you seek relief.

Florida attorney helps clients understand the benefits of bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can help you manage or even completely discharge your outstanding debts. Some of the common benefits of bankruptcy include:

  • It puts an immediate stop to harassment from creditors.
  • You can halt the foreclosure on your home.
  • You will likely be able to keep your primary vehicle.
  • Most of your debts can be settled or erased quickly.
  • It allows you to begin rebuilding your credit.

The different types of bankruptcy offer different benefits, ranging from quick emergence from insolvency to a restructuring of loans and mortgages. I will work with you to fully assess your situation and give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Dedicated legal advocate supports clients filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Although filing for bankruptcy is not the solution to every financial difficulty, many of my clients experience significant financial relief after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Eligibility for Chapter 7 depends on satisfying a “means test,” which determines whether you have the means to pay back some of your debts. There are some debts, however, that you won’t be able to discharge even if you do qualify for Chapter 7, such as student loans, alimony, child support and certain taxes. When you file for bankruptcy, you will be able to keep certain property, which qualifies for exemptions. Examples are your primary residence, personal property up to $1,000, vehicle equity up to $1,000 and your pension or retirement plan.

Attorney provides responsive advocacy for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Whether you are ineligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or wish to retain all of your assets, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is another option. When you file for Chapter 13, you will be required to propose and comply with a court-supervised debt repayment plan, which will last for the next 3 to 5 years. If you are successful in complying with the terms of the plan, your remaining debts will be discharged once it is completed. One major benefit of Chapter 13 is that it allows you to restructure your mortgage arrears and prevent the foreclosure on your home. If you are considering this filing option, my firm is dedicated to providing individual attention, effective representation and affordable fees. I can help with eligibility determination and guide you step-by-step through this complex process.

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If you are considering bankruptcy in Florida, the Montalvo Law Offices in Miami is here to help. I offer all clients a free consultation and have bilingual staff available. Call my office now at 305-753-0990 or contact me online to schedule an appointment.